Learn Bansuri

“The sound and music will be the future medicine”

Learning Bansuri Indian classical music is perfect scientific method to get oneself  rid of tension,anxiety and depression.  The stages mentioned above will be involved in the training . Training starts with posture , Blowing methods , Choosing Proper environment for practice, Geeting proper sound of  the swaras,concentrating on different combination of swaras ( Alankaras), Introduction to Raagas and Advanced Training.

The Initiation

01. Start

Observe the proper sitting postures , This is the first stage of Astanga Yoga. The learner may have grip of Holding Flute Either on Right or left side . Make sure to sit on carpet or Armless Chair. ( Image of Holding Flute).Hold the Flute on by placing your fingers as shown. Follow the Basic holding video for this.

02. Getting Your Bansuri Sound:

After holding place the blowing hole (emboucher hole) at the lower lip try to blow it and at the starting point don’t close any holes. Start the Procedure as shown on the video.

03. Magical notes(Musical Notes):

After practicing according to the above mentioned video.  We will start to the musical notes, Holding long Breath on one note. (Diagrams of Flutes on Each notes)

Swaras on flute is practiced according to the above metioned diagrams and holding them on long breath for each notes.

04. Alankaras:

Alankaras are the group of swaras arranged in ascending and Descending way to enhance the Finger performance on Bansuri. Follow the Alankaras as shown in the video .

05. Laya and Layakari:

Learn Bansuri!

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