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Traditional Teaching Methodology in Bansuri Flute

Traditional Teaching Methodology in Bansuri Flute via Video Conferencing Courses from International Bansuri Music Academy for Beginners and Advanced learners in Bansuri Flute

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The premier destination for information, discussion and multimedia relating to Bansuri Flute music.

Features of this site include a growing library of flute music, videos, composition and improvisation of the Raga for the beginners as well as advanced learners in Flute,informative and inspirational musical contents.

Please come in and explore!

– Nandanavana Bansuri Music Academy

Dharwad-Bangalore, India.

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Feedback for the Courses offered in IBMA

“Being a student of Venugopal since the past few years I can boldly claim that he is one of the best teachers of music that I have known. I started having a desire to learn flute but no previous knowledge or training. Venugopal has continuously and patiently guided me throughout these years and because of him I am able to play this wonderful instrument. Last year I did my first public performance and it was with immense pride I was able to say thanks to my teacher Venugopal Hedge… View More
Radhe Khatwani, Panama City
“Mr. Venugopal S. Hegde is a passionate Bansuri teacher with extraordinary talents. I have been learning from him for only a several months now, yet my playing has improved unimaginably. His knowledge, teaching methods, and keen ears complemented by his polite, pleasant, and friendly personality create an ideal atmosphere for my learning even though we are physically located thousands of miles away. I feel lucky to have the opportunities to learn from him and I look forward to continuing it… View More
Dr. Mahmudur R. Shaheen, Ottawa Canada

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